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1Charles Littles UNST 110-43 11/2/06 Gun registration its common sense summary This article by Sarah Brady talks about how the government needs to make a greater effort to tighten the process of gun registration so that less people will die by gun violence. She proposed that people should have to get their gun registered before they are able to purchase them. The government does not want to discuss the issue of gun registration it is considered a third rail topic and because they are afraid that they will loose their from the NRA for their campaign. But at the same time Brady showed a study that said that 85 percent of Americans, including 75 percent of gun owner support the idea of gun registration.
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Unformatted text preview: In her article the point of gun registration is to stop or slow down the gun violence in America, which is mostly caused my teenagers. I disagree with her because if you force gun registration, then the teens that are getting them can just pay someone older to a registered gun and make it untraceable by scratching off the serial numbers and then sell it to the teen. After that they can report the gun stolen and nothing will happen to them. If you really want to stop gun violence then you need to take away all of the guns, to me that is the only way....
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