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PhysioEx 18B_final - and Nerve conduction Velocity. These...

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Collin County Community College Anatomy and Physiology I Bio 2402 Neurophysiology of Nerve Impulses: Computer simulation PhysioEx 18B We will follow the structure of the lab report that you previously turned in. The report should be realized double spaced font 12 times new roman. The introduction should not be longer than 2 pages. Introduction Explain, in your own words and the assistance of references (that must be included in the report), how is a nerve impulse generated. It should include the major physiological properties of a neuron, how is the resting potential accomplished (include how is the sodium potassium pump involved), how does the stimuli trigger the depolarization and repolarization. Relate hyperpolarization and refractory period. Explain how is an oscilloscope used to measure the neuronal physiology. State the hypothesis in proper form for the experiment. Keep in mind that the experiment has several parts: Eliciting a Nerve impulse, Inhibiting a Nerve impulse
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Unformatted text preview: and Nerve conduction Velocity. These are experiments whose purpose is to prove the hypothesis. Materials and Methods Describe the materials and methods of the simulation (activities 1-8), e.g. the use of the oscilloscope and the use of the different drugs. Results Include the results of the simulation as well as the graph obtained from Chart 1. Discussion and Conclusions Explain and elaborate the results. Draw conclusions from these results. References Write the references in proper form. If a statement is used, you will use the format; “quote” followed by a (reference number). The reference number will match the reference in the list in the reference section. 1 Questions 1. What is the purpose of Eliciting a nerve impulse? 2. Answer the question in the review sheet of exercise 18B. There are 17 questions. 2...
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PhysioEx 18B_final - and Nerve conduction Velocity. These...

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