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Muscles Chart - Origin Insertion Muscles of the Head and...

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Origin Insertion Action Occipital Occipital bone Galea Aponeurotic Pulls Scalp Posteriorly Frontal Galea Aponeurotic Skin of the Eyebrown Raise the Eyebrown Orbicularis Oculi Frontal and Maxillary Bones Eyelid Closes eyes Corrugator Supercilli Frontal Bone Skin of the Eyebrown Draws Eybrow Inferiorly and Medially Levator Labii Superioris Zigomatic and Maxilla Bones Upper Lip Raises Upper Lips Depressor Labii Inferioris Mandible Lower Lip Pulls Lower Lip Inferiorly Depressor Anguli Oris Mandible Angle of mouth Pulls Corner of Mouth Down and Laterally Mentalis Mandible Skin of Chin Protrudes Lower Lip Zigomatic Major and Minor Zigomatic Bone Corner the Mouth Smiling Muscle Risorius Masseter Angle of the Mouth Pulls Corner of Lips Laterally Orbicularis Oris Maxilla and Mandible Lips Compresses Lips Buccinator Maxilla and Mandible Orbicularis Oris Compresses the Cheek (Whistling) Platysma Fascia of Chest and Deltoid Mandible, Skin, Corner of the Mouth Depresses Mandible, Pulls Lip Back and Down Sternocleidomastoid Manubrium and Clavicle temporal and Occipital Bones Flexion Forward of the Neck Scalenes Cervical Vertebrae First 2 Ribs Elevates First 2 Ribs Digastric Mandible and Mastoid Process Hyoid Elevates Hyoid Bone Stylohyoid Styloid Proxcess Hyoid Bone Elevates Hyoid Bone Mylohyoid Mandible Hyoid Bone Elevates Hyoid Bone Sternohyoid Manubrium and Clavicle Hyoid Bone Depresses Hyoid Bone Sternothyroid Manubrium Larynx Depresses Hyoid Bone Omohyoid Scapula Hyoid Bone Depresses Hyoid Bone Thyrohyoid
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