R9 manc1czy v1 cz manczy r10 neither r5 nor r6 allows

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Unformatted text preview: the form of the head of r4 . b Use manc1 in place of manc in the second subgoal. r7: mancX,Y :- v1 X,B & manc1X,B,Y r8: Use r5 for the m subgoal; uni cation of D and Y is necessary. r8: manc1C,Y,Y :- v1 C,Y r9: Similar to r8, but D uni ed with Z . r9: manc1C,Z,Y :- v1 C,Z & mancZ,Y r10: Neither r5 nor r6 allows uni cation with the m subgoal of r11 without introducing function symbols, so this rule cannot be used. r11: Same problem as r10. Summary of Rules r1: mancX,Y :- v2 X,Y r3: mancX,Y :- v2 X,Z & mancZ,Y r7: mancX,Y :- v1 X,B & manc1X,B,Y r8: manc1C,Y,Y :- v1 C,Y r9: manc1C,Z,Y :- v1 C,Z & mancZ,Y If we get rid of manc1 by expanding its subgoal in r7 in both possible ways, we get: mancX,Y :- v2 X,Y mancX,Y :- v2 X,Z & mancZ,Y mancX,Y :- v1 X,B & mancB,Y mancX,Y :- v1 X,Y That's beginning to make sense; it says that we can concatenate either of the views in any possible way, since each represents a chain ending in a female. But note that it doesn't get all maternal ancestors, e.g., my Father's Father's Mother. 5...
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