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Unformatted text preview: Poster Project: Evaluating a Supplement Worksheet Answer the following questions to investigate your product or ingredient. Answer in outline form using complete sentences, 12 ­point font and 1 ­inch margins. After evaluating your product create a poster (see Poster Project on class website). Turn in this worksheet on the day your present your poster. Product Information: 1. Complete name of product, supplement or ingredient 2. Daily dosage recommended (if applicable) 3. Cost of product and daily cost when following the recommended dosage. 4. Is it marketed to enhance strength, endurance, weight loss? 5. List the main (active) ingredient. 6. List all sports performance claims. Is there a disclaimer statement? 7. Do you notice any red flags* in their advertising or claims? If so, list them. 8. Does it have the USP stamp of approval? Investigation: 9. Investigate the claims using unbiased, credible sources of information.** Are there potential side effects when taking this product? Support your answer using at least 3 unbiased sources of information. Evaluation: 10. Do you believe the product is effective and safe for you to take? State why or why not. Cite your sources in your evidence. Conclusions: 11. Do you think this product is worth your money? 12. Would you recommend this product? Why or why not? * See PowerPoint slide: Red Flags for Deceptive Products **May refer to Website Resources handout (on class website) & textbooks ...
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