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Poster Project Grading Rubric Name of Team Members: _________________________________________________ Name of Supplement or Product: ___________________________________________ How you will be graded Possible Points Your Points Worksheet Completed worksheet, followed directions and format Included accurate product information Investigated the product using unbiased, credible resources. Cited sources Based evaluation on unbiased, credible resources. Cited sources. Conclusions are well supported 12 X X Poster Included title of poster with presenters names
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Unformatted text preview: 2 Described performance claims and type of athlete product is targeting. 4 Summarized the evidence and critically evaluated the product. Examined whether the product is effective and safe. Included information on side effects. 10 Conclusions based on accurate information 10 Mentioned 3 unbiased, credible sources 6 Poster is organized and easy to understand without grammatical or spelling errors 6 Overall, shows an excellent understanding of the information. The visuals helped the presentation of information. 10 TOTAL POINTS 60...
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