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1 De Anza College Automotive Technology Program COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND GENERAL INFORMATION 2011-2012 Auto 94A Principles of Four Stroke Cycle Engines Instructor Dave Capitolo Office E11e, Hours 12:30-1:30 T-F Phone 864-8312 E-mail Web site Prerequisites and Advisories Prerequisite: AUTO 50B and Approved Automotive Technology Course Sequence Contract Advisories: Auto 50A and B, Math 101, Read 91 and Ewrit 100B or ESL 4 or LART 100 Text and Required Materials 1. Text: W.G. Lewis Automotive Machining and Engine Repair . Engine Books, 2011, Update 18 2. Three ring binder, dividers 3. General and engine tool sets 4. Coveralls (2), safety glasses, work shoes Attendance Just as on the job, regular, punctual attendance is required. Always call in or e- mail if you are going to be absent. The following limits and conditions apply per department policy: 1. Students must record attendance on a time card. Punch in prior to 7.30AM (start of class) and out not before 12:10 (end of class). 2. For each tardy, there is a 1-hour penalty. 7:30AM is tardy. 3. Forgetting to punch in or out will constitute a 1-hour penalty. 4. Punch in only on your own card, never for your buddy. Penalty for this will be a loss of one full day, with no chance of make-up time. This means you just go home 5. Up to 5 hours (each 6 weeks) can be made up providing the student calls in. Missed time cannot be made up if the student does not call in prior to class. Hours not made up will be deducted from total class points at the rate of 1% per hour. The instructor will specify terms and conditions for make-up. 6. Hours must be made up prior to finals week. 7. Incomplete grades may be given in instances of long-term illness or injury. 8. To drop without penalty, a drop form must be filed by the date specified in the schedule of classes. If anyone is thinking of dropping, please see me first.
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2 Classroom and Lab Conduct 1. Students will be dismissed from class for disruptive behavior per college policy. 2. Cellular phones must remain off in the classroom and lab at all times. Phones can be used for ordering parts with instructor approval, in a designated area. Phone usage has become an epidemic, a fad that has reached its tipping point.
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This note was uploaded on 01/06/2012 for the course AUTO 94 taught by Professor Davecapitolo during the Fall '03 term at DeAnza College.

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Auto94AGreensheet - De Anza College Automotive Technology...

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