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Study Guide for Test 1 MATH 2414 (Graves) Test 1 covers Chapter 7 (all sections). 1. Know how to evaluate both defnite and indefnite integrals exactly using the techniques we have discussed. Section 7.5 Exercises, pp. 488–489: 1–80 Chapter 7 Review Exercises, pp. 518–519: 1–40 (IF these are too many problems For you to work, work just the odd numbered ones. ±or extra practice, work the even numbered ones as well.) 2. Know how to use a table oF integrals to evaluate integrals.
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Review Exercises, p. 519: 55–58 3. Know how to approximate a defnite integral using the Midpoint, Trapezoidal, and Simp-son’s Rules. Also, be able to estimate the errors in such approximations. Chapter 7 Practice Exercises, pp. 519–520: 63–70 4. Know how to evaluate improper integrals and/or determine whether they converge or diverge. Chapter 7 Practice Exercises, p. 519: 41–50, 61, 62, 71...
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