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webassign.net • 17 91 Varsity Drive Suite 200 • Raleigh, NC 27606 • Tel: (800) 955-8275 or (919) 829-8181 • [email protected].net 8/2009 Student Quick Start Guide This Quick Start Guide provides basic instructions for some of your most common tasks. For more information, see the Student Online Help at www.webassign.net/user_support/student/ . Enrolling in Class Your instructor can enroll you in class, or can require you to enroll yourself with a class key. INSTRUCTOR ENROLLMENT If your instructor enrolled you in class, log in to WebAssign with the username, institution code, and password provided by your instructor (see Logging In). SELF-ENROLLMENT If your instructor gave you a class key — like myschool 1234 5678 — you must enter the class key to enroll yourself in the class. A class key is not the same as an access code (see Purchasing WebAssign Access). 1 Go to www.webassign.net . 2 Click Have a class key? 3 Enter the class key your instructor gave you, and click Submit . 4 If the correct class and section is listed, click Yes, this is my class . 5 Select either I already have a WebAssign account or I need to create a WebAssign account and enter the requested information. Logging In
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