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Chapter 4 - Defining Generalist Practice THE PROCESS OF...

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1 THE PROCESS OF GENERALIST PRACTICE Chapter 4 Defining Generalist Practice Flexible Solid knowledge base Wide range of skills Systems Theory System: A set of units with relationships among them. An entity composed of separate but interacting and interdependent parts. Systems Theory Homeostasis : most living systems seek a balance to maintain and preserve the system. Synergy : what is achieved when the larger system is functioning optimally. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Boundary : a point where one system begins and another ends. Systems Theory Systems can be OPEN or CLOSED. Entropy : systems tend to lose their ability to function and can eventually stagnate and die. Ecological Approach Social environment-conditions, circumstances and interactions of human beings Coping-the struggle to adjust to conditions and problems
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2 Trevor’s Example Draw Trevor’s system Micro Mezzo Macro Use the ecological perspective to evaluate Trevor’s situation. Strength Perspective all people have strengths that can be tapped and used strengths improve client motivation with emphasis on positive strengths strengths promote cooperative exploration between the worker and client resulting in empowerment of client
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