chapter 5 - 1 Social Work Practice Settings individuals,...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Social Work Practice Settings individuals, families, groups, community Chapter 5 Social Service Agencies Public social agencies Private social agencies Nonprofit social agencies Proprietary (or for profit) social agencies Purchase-of-service contract Social work in Communities Locality- based on geographic proximity Non geographic communities-based on some commonality other than location Social Work Practice Categories see 1. Basic BSW and some non social degrees accepted by agency 2. Intermediate MSW Masters degree with no social work experience 3. Clinical MSW with 2 years postmasters degree with clinical experience 4. Advanced MSW with 2 year postgraduate experience with advance licensure 2 Group Work An orientation and method of social work intervention in which small numbers of people who share similar interests or common problems convene regularly and engage in activities designed to achieve certain objectives. Group Work The individual remains the focus of concern, and the group the vehicle of growth and change. Goal : development of effective skills in communication, coping skills, and effective problem- solving techniques. History of Social Group Work Settlement Houses Types of Treatment Groups Educational Groups May look like a classroom, but emphasizes group task assignments and opportunities for interaction and idea exchanges.interaction and idea exchanges....
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chapter 5 - 1 Social Work Practice Settings individuals,...

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