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Chapter 7 - Social Work Policy Chapter 7 What is Social...

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Unformatted text preview: Social Work Policy Chapter 7 What is Social Welfare Policy? l The la ws and reg ulat io ns that go ver n whic h social welfare programs exist, what categories of clients are served, and who qualifies for a given program. Why is policy important to social workers? l Polic ies dictate ho w program s are administered and how services are provided. l Som e polic ies are unfa ir, ineffect ive, or inefficient, so social workers must advocate for change. 1 Agency Policy l Miss io n statem ent Policies personnel client services See p. 80 Five components to viewing polic y l W hat are program needs and goals? l W hat k inds of be nef its? – – Cash In kind l W ho is elig ib le? l W ho funds t he program ? l How is program adm inistered and r un? 2 1) QUIT E 2) SOM E WH AT 3) SOM E WH AT CO NSER VAT I VE CO NSER VAT I VE L IBER AL 4 ) QUIT E LIBER AL Residual Institutional Selectivity Universality Five E’s to Policy Analysis l Effective ness l Efficie nc y l Ethical Co ns iderat io ns l Eva luatio n of a lter nat ives l Establis hm ent of recomm endatio ns for positive change. 3 4 ...
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