Lab 4A (Ch9-10)

Lab 4A (Ch9-10) - Shuffle the cards. Perform the following...

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Name __________________________________ Math 1342 – LAB #4 Part I: Mean number of hours that students watch TV Poll 30 Collin College students and ask them how many hours per week they watch TV. 1. List your Data: 2. Construct a 95% confidence interval estimate of the mean number of hours that all Collin students spend watching TV per week. (do not round your answers) Write a complete sentence to interpret the interval. 3. Average for your sample ( x ) = ____________________ (round to 4 decimals) Standard deviation for your sample ( s ) = ___________________ (round to 4 decimals)
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Part II: ESP Experiment You are going to conduct an ESP experiment. First, select someone as your subject. You will need 30 cards from a standard deck of cards (15 red, 15 black).
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Unformatted text preview: Shuffle the cards. Perform the following experiment for all 30 cards: Ask the subject if the first card in the stack is red or black. Then ask them if the second card is red or black, and so on, until they have made guesses for all 30 cards. Record whether or not each response is correct or incorrect. Suppose that a person has ESP if they get significantly more than 50% of the responses correct. Test the claim that the proportion of correct responses is greater than 50%. Use α = 0.05. n = _30_ x = ______ I. H : H 1 : II. α = 0.05 Critical Value = III. Test Statistic = (round to 2 decimals) IV. (picture) V. P-value = (round to 4 decimals) VI. Reject H or Do Not Reject H VII. (conclusion) Based on the results of this hypothesis test, does your subject have ESP? Yes or No...
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Lab 4A (Ch9-10) - Shuffle the cards. Perform the following...

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