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MATH1342 Formula Chart - Juliano

MATH1342 Formula Chart - Juliano - Means T-Test Proportions...

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Collin College MATH1342 Formula Chart Chapter 2: Chapter 3: M ost statistics : “STAT” “CALC” “1-VARSTAT ” Chapter 5: (A and B are independent) (A and B are dependent) Permutation: Combination: Chapter 6: Most statistics : “STAT” “CALC” “1-VARSTAT (L 1 , L 2 )” E(x) = µ = Binom p df (n,p,x) Binom c df (n,p,Max x) Binomial , Chapters 7 & 8: Central Limit Theorem : Chapter 9: Sample Size Estimate for Proportions: if is known if is UNknown Confidence Interval for Means, µ: T-Interval Confidence Interval for Proportions, p: 1-PropZInt Confidence Interval for Standard Deviation,: Chapter 10:
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Unformatted text preview: Means: T-Test Proportions: 1-PropZTest Standard Deviation: Chapter 11: Hypothesis Test Confidence Interval 2 Means Dependent (Matched Pairs) T-Test on T-Interval on (List of differences in ) 2 Means Independent (not pooled) 2-SampTTest 2-SampTInt 2 Proportions Independent 2-PropZTest 2-PropZInt Chapter 4: To find the Linear Regression Coefficient and the Regression Equation: “STAT” “CALC” “LinReg(ax+b)” To turn on “r”: 2 nd Zero (catalog); select DiagnosticsOn; Enter; Enter (it should say “done” on the screen)...
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