Classroom Connections Ch.10

Classroom Connections Ch.10 - The following data represents...

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Name _________________________________ Classroom Connections – Chapter 10 (16pts) •These problems are to be worked VERY NEATLY with a LOT of explanation, proper grammar, and correct mathematical notation. •Responses can be typed or hand-written (preferably in PENCIL). •Please work one problem per page and staple the pages together before turning them in. PROBLEM #1 A learning specialist tracked the average study times of her students and wants to use the results to give advice to other faculty members. Draw a graph of the data she tracked and then write comments to the faculty in regards to how they should assign homework and tests based on the trends she saw. Monday 1.5 hr Tuesday 1.75 hr Wednesday 45 minutes Thursday 2 hr Friday 15 minutes Saturday 15 minutes Sunday 1.5 hrs PROBLEM #2
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Name _________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: The following data represents the temperature of an individual patient in a clinic. Use the data to draw a line graph then discuss what might be determined about the temperature of the patient (ie, discuss the trend). Time Temperature (°F) 6:00am 96.8 7:00am 98.8 8:00am 99.9 9:00am 99.1 10:00am 100.2 11:00am 101.2 12:00pm 102.0 PROBLEM #3 A student asks, “If the average income of 99 people is $15,000 and one more person with an income of $200,000 is added to the data set, how much will it increase the average income?” Name _________________________________ How would you respond? (show your work/calculations) PROBLEM #4 A student asks if it is possible to have a standard deviation of –5. How would you respond?...
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Classroom Connections Ch.10 - The following data represents...

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