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Stained Glass Project (Sp12)

Stained Glass Project (Sp12) - labeled Your design should...

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Stained Glass Geometry Art Project (50 pts) For this project you will be making your own stained glass window. The purpose of this project is to show the union of mathematics and art. You will need to purchase the following: An 8x10 inch picture frame (with glass) Glass Paint Paint brushes Directions : You will need an 8x10 inch picture frame. You will first construct your design on a sheet of 8x10 paper (regular paper is 8.5 inches by 11 inches, so you will need to trim off a little bit) then transfer your design onto the glass using glass paint. Make sure to put the glass back in the frame when it is dry and place your paper drawing behind it. Your paper drawing should have all 15 items clearly
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Unformatted text preview: labeled. Your design should be original and include at least one of each of the following geometric figures (you may add more shapes if you’d like). 1. Acute Triangle 2. Obtuse Triangle 3. Isosceles Triangle 4. Scalene triangle 5. Right triangle 6. Equilateral triangle 7. Parallelogram 8. Pentagon 9. Trapezoid 10. Circle 11. Two congruent shapes 12. Parallel lines 13. Perpendicular lines 14. Complementary angles 15. Supplementary angles Have fun and be creative!! You may want to share the cost of the paint with some of your classmates. Maybe try Pebeo Vitrea Glass Markers in primary (Red, Yellow, Blue) and secondary colors (Orange, Green, Purple)...
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