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Math Essay (F11) - 5 Tell me about yourself Please include...

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Math 1350 Fall 2011 Math Autobiography Essay (20 pts) At the top of the essay please insert a (digital) picture of yourself. Your essay should contain 5 paragraphs---one PARAGRAPH answering each of the following questions: 1. What are your thoughts or feelings when you hear the word “math”? 2. Describe a past experience with math that had a positive effect on you. 3. Describe a past experience with math that had a negative effect on you. 4. How do you feel that math is important (or unimportant) to “everyday” people
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Tell me about yourself. Please include the grade level(s) you are planning to teach (and subject, if appropriate) as well as anything else you’d like to tell me about (job, hobbies, family, etc.) To get full credit, your essay must meet the following requirements: Typed Double-spaced Margins no larger than 1” Font size 10-12 Proper grammar Minimum of 1 FULL page; No longer than 3 pages....
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