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Unformatted text preview: Reading & Studying (5) Reading Consider: Your reading behaviors Your attitude toward reading assignments Your learning styles or preference, when reading College Student Reading Preview what’s ahead Break up your reading. (Keep in mind your ability to focus- 10 min., 30 min.? focus- Create study guides 4. Review often Build Knowledge Through Reading Previous knowledge gives you a context for what you read read Don’t give up Think positively Think critically Build vocabulary Look for order and meaning in seemingly chaotic reading materials materials Take An Active Approach to Textbooks Approach your reading assignments with an open mind Know that some texts may require some extra work and concentration concentration Define concepts that your material does not explain Four Levels of Reading Reading Tutorial Website Using the SQ4R System Using Survey/Preview Previewing chapter, titles, subtitles, vocabulary, Previewing Question Change titles and sub-titles into questions Read Answer your questions; look for important concepts Record information – note taking, study guides Recite Speak out loud using your own words Review Go over notes, questions and answers frequently Chapter 9 Handout - Motivation Create Study Guides as You Read Question and Answer (p. 81) Highlighting plus marking (p. 83) Outline (p. 85) Idea Maps (p. 87) Summary Chart (p. 89) Timelines (p. 91) Sample Question & Answer Highlighting-Plus Marking Annotate a Textbook Highlight the complete topic sentence that states the main idea Selectively highlight key words or phrases that support the topic sentence sentence Circle terminology and highlight definitions Use ordinals, place holders, and number word clues Make marginal notes to emphasize important ideas Make Example of Outlining Example Examples of Idea Map Examples Example of Summary Chart Example of Timeline Summary of Study Guides ...
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