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Chapter8 - Success In College(8 Success Combination of...

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Unformatted text preview: Success In College (8) Success Combination of Factors Learning strategies to apply in and out of class Attitude Commitment to hard work and achieving goals Flexibility Your Academic Success What strategies learned in this class have you applied this semester? this How successful have you been? What do you do well? What do you plan to change? What new habits have you formed? What What has worked well for you! Profile of Your Study System What You Do Well Practices that have become vital part of learning and study methods methods What You Will Change Now An approach that will benefit you and that you will commit to – An and Write it down Write How Effective? How Strong is Your Commitment? Personal Action Plan – Personal p. 147 p. Managing Time Use of planner or calendar Balance time between academic, personal, work Reduce procrastination Choosing a suitable study location Minimize distractions Organize self, space, and materials Personal Action Plan Personal Selective and attentive listening in class Create clear, correct, concise notes Review notes and create study guides Understanding reading assignments Preview chapter Reading in shorter time increments Create study guides Personal Action Plan Using memory tools Adequate sleep Review regularly Study regularly Use senses Associate Memory strategies Preparing well for test Manage worry & anxiety Stay current Stay Success Checklist Are you clear about why you are attending college? Do you know what each instructors expects of you? Are you prepared for classes? Are you managing your time wisely? Are you using effective methods of study for each course? Are you involving yourself in college life? Skills Translate into Success Skills such as time management, setting goals, reading, and getting along with others will serve you... with In your working life In your personal life Increase confidence Increase organizational skills Increase productivity Lifelong Learning Lifelong Investigate new interests Read, read, read Spend time with interesting people Pursue improvement in your studies and career Talk to people from different generations Delve into other cultures Find a mentor Experience the arts Be creative Connection Between College and Lifelong Learning Learning “The future belongs to those who are capable of being retrained again and again.” again.” Futurist Daniel Burns Knowledge in nearly every field is doubling every two to three years Technology is changing how you live and work Jobs today are knowledge-based jobs that ask workers to think critically to come up with solutions come Workers are changing jobs and careers more frequently ...
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