The Elements of Argument

The Elements of Argument - your claims if others are to...

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The Elements of Argument Elements • Issue • Claim • Persuasion • Audience • Evidence • Warrants Issues • An issue is something about which people have disagreed • Best defined as a question with no obvious answer • There are ten kinds of issues, including; • Fact • Theme • Definition
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Claims • A claim is a statement that is spoken or written in the hope that it will be considered true • Contrast with issues • Issues are questions with various debatable answers. • Claims are the debatable answers Persuasion • The art of persuasion has been studied for centuries under the name of rhetoric • Argument involves careful efforts to persuade • To attempt persuasion is to concede that you must support
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Unformatted text preview: your claims if others are to value them Audience • Audience describes readers, including the people who read your writing • You will have to study the ways your readers differ from one another • In analyzing a work of literature, you may try to identify its implied reader; that is the, the type of person that the work seems to address Evidence • Evidence is the support that you give your claims so that others will accept them • Direct quotations • Your ethos; it refers to the image of you that your audience gets as you attempt to persuade Warrants • Beliefs that lead people to call certain things evidence for their claims • Assumptions...
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The Elements of Argument - your claims if others are to...

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