1-MEASUREMENT H.W - 1×1/5ml OR 1×1/10 ml Name the...

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SMurali Biology  Name_____________________________                                    Date:                  Section: Unit 1: Measurement work sheet Metric conversions Average distance between two signals is 10 meters.  Convert 10 meters to different symbol/unit. Give the prefix and scientific notation of the expressed  answer         Fill in appropriately: (3) Symbol/unit Conversion Prefix  Scientific Notation  υ m cm km If length of the room is 30 cm and the width is 10cm what is the area of the room in  mm? How many rooms can be built in a total area of 30 meters? VOLUME :   What  pipette will you use to pipette 2ml ? 
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Unformatted text preview: 1×1/5ml OR 1×1/10 ml Name the glassware which can measure 400ml of water? MASS : What was the weight of a coin in mg?. 1ml = 1gm = cc. Using this equation calculate and fill in the blanks 75 ml of water = ______ g = ______ cc= ____ mg = ____ liter TEMPERATURE : Temperature measurements If temperature in London is around 25 * C, what would be the temperature *F? SMurali Biology Show the calculation Qtns: What is the Metric unit for mass/volume and length? Convert 1470 gms to kilograms and express in scientific notation?...
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1-MEASUREMENT H.W - 1×1/5ml OR 1×1/10 ml Name the...

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