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Biol1408 Macromolecules Name: Date: Section: Fill the table: Name the macromolecule or organic compound found in these samples Organic compound 1% Glucose Solution Egg Albumin Solution Vegetable Oil 1% Starch Solution Which of the samples has reducing sugars?What is a reducing sugar? . LIPIDS: What reagent you add to test for lipids?What is the positive result? What structure or molecule you are testing for in the lipids?
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Unformatted text preview: What is a emulsifier? TESTING OF MACROMOLECULES: Name of the macromolecule Reagent used Was heat applied Positive color Negative color TESTING OF MACROMOLECULES IN HOUSEHOLD SUBSTANCES: What were your 3 choices of solutions and what were the results? Check to see if your results match the nutrition chart of the solutions?...
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