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exam review-1 2011-S1L

exam review-1 2011-S1L - graph Unit 4 Macromolecules Color...

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Lab-exam-1 Review sheet- S1L Instructor-Murali Unit1- Measurement Metric units for length, weight, temperature ,volume Conversions of the metric scale Know the metric prefixes Know the equipments used for volume experiments For weighing mass know to operate triple-beam balance, electronic scale Know the equation 1kilogram= 1cubic decimeter= 1litre or 1gm= 1 ml= 1 cc = 1dm3 How to read graphs , x-axis and y-axis Scientific notations Unit-2-Spectrophotometry Electromagnetic spectrum and identifying parts of the Spectrophotometer What is a blank reading? Relationship between 100%transmittance and 0% absorbance. Development of a standard curve and how to read a unknown protein concentration from a standard curve Unit-3-Acid, Bases and pH Usage of Plant pigment -Anthocyanins are used as pH indicators, know the colors which are seen at different pH levels(acid/base/neutral) Know How to use a Hand-held pH meter and pH paper and read off the color scale What are buffers and know how to determine the buffering capacity of a solution-know th
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Unformatted text preview: graph Unit- 4 Macromolecules Color Tests and examples for reducing sugars, lipids, proteins and starch Know the reagents Unit-5- Microscope and Cytology Parts of the microscope Image orientation- Prepared slide –letter e, The appearance of letter e under a microscope? Identification of slides and pictures - Elodea leaf, Onion leaf, Cheek Cell, Bacterial slides, labeling parts of the cell Unit 6-Osmosis and Diffusion Studying diffusion by comparing 2 different dyes with different molecular weights and different temperatures(diffusion plates) Studying Osmosis by using different solute concentrations, among the three, which bag lost the most weight and which bag gained the most? What is semi-permeability or selective permeability of membrane and which solutes could diffuse out of the bag and why? Studying tonicity /osmosis in red blood cells and plant cells? Know the scientific term and how to identify pictures...
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exam review-1 2011-S1L - graph Unit 4 Macromolecules Color...

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