Lab exam2 review with enzymes

Lab exam2 review with enzymes - Name the process by which...

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Lab-exam -2 Review , Unit-6 Enzymes Know the name of the enzyme, subtrates and product , color of the product Enzyme specificity-to which substrate was more specific Enzyme pH , which is the best pH range and the absorbance for the best pH range What happens to the enzyme at 80-100* temperature? Importance of cofactor copper for enzyme Catechol Oxidase Unit 9-Cellular Respiration What gas was measured as a measure of metabolic rate? And why was potassium hydroxide placed in the respiration chamber? How do you compare the oxygen consumption in animals (table 9.2)? Which beans produced CO2, was it the germinating ones or the boiled ones? In fermentation why did yeast prefer 10% glucose when compared with 1% glucose? And what gas was observed as a indicator for anaerobic respiration? Unit-10-Photosynthesis Usage of spectroscope is to measure wavelengths. What are the wavelength numbers for blue, green and red light? In spectrophotometer what wavelength showed 90-100% T for carotene extract?
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Unformatted text preview: Name the process by which pigments of plant can be separated? What are the 4 different pigments of spinach leaf? Which pigment was most soluble and which was least soluble? Why did the green leaf produce starch? What happens if a portion of the leaf has been covered with foil? Unit-11-Mitosis and Meosis-cell division Know to identify the different stages of mitosis and meosis? (plant and animal slide/pictures)? Unit-12-Genetic concepts What are the blood groups? Unit-13- Biotechnology What is DNA, transcription,translation DNA electrophoresis- DNA bands Know procedure for DNA extraction Unit-14-Prokaryotes Examples of Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes? Identify the 3 different shapes of bacteria? Know the differences between gram positive and gram negative bacteria? Students can also access the web-site and access biology lab to study for the lab –exams....
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Lab exam2 review with enzymes - Name the process by which...

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