microscopy - Microscope & the Cell video (15 min)...

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1 a video (15 min) a microscope agreement form 2 Introduction a microscopy a most cells are .01-.1 mm a unaided eye sees .1mm a Hooke ` built microscope (30X) ` saw cork ` “cell” 3 Purpose of Microscope a magnification ` enlarged image by a factor a resolving power ` ability to separate two adjacent points in a specimen a contrast ` how well details stand out against the background a parfocal ` remain in focus when switching objectives
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4 Rules and Care of the Microscope, abridged a carry microscope correctly a clean lenses with lens paper and slides with Kimwipes a set smallest objective in place (4X) and bring stage close of objectives a use oil with oil immersion lens (100X) only a clean all lenses when finished a have instructor check scope before storing 5 The Compound Microscope Metric measurement of a field of view a ocular = 10X a mag of lens total mag. (ocular x obj.) 4X 40X 10X 100X 40X 400X 100X 1000X 6 Exercises a Ex. 7.1 fill in table a Ex. 7.2 depth of focus: colored threads
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microscopy - Microscope & the Cell video (15 min)...

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