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Murali-Biol1406-C4L - BIOLOGY 1406 Instructor...

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BIOLOGY 1406 Instructor Syllabus-Fall2011 Course Number : BIOL 1406, Section: C4L Course Title : General Biology . Instructor’s Information : Instructor’s Name: SHANTHI MURALI Office Number: CPC, RM B331, Office Hours: by appointment only on TUESDAY 11-11.30. Office outside office hours: B342, 972-548-6830 Contact Information: [email protected](best way to contact) Web-site: http://iws.collin.edu/smurali/ Contact Information: Phone, e-mail, department office contact in case of emergencies The department office contact in case of emergencies is: Office of Academic Affairs, B-122 F 214.491.6270 Class Information : CPC Class meeting times – Tuesday 11.30-2.20 Class meeting location- A316 Course Information : For science majors. Current knowledge in the fundamentals of biology from the molecular to cellular level of organization. General topics covered include basic biochemistry, metabolism, energetics, cell structure, DNA, genetics, viruses, and bacteria. Lab required. Prerequisite: Pass reading requirement of TSI; high school chemistry is recommended. 4 credit hours Credit Hours : 3 Assessment(s ): Prior to enrolling in this course, the student must demonstrate eligibility to enroll in the following Math Assessment -310 Reading Assessment-College Level Writing Asssessment-English-1301 Pre-requisite : None Corequisite : Biology 1406 lecture College repeat policy : A student may repeat this course only once after receiving a grade, including a W Course Delivery method: Laboratory experiments will be mainly student participation, with some instructor demonstrations. Discus- sions of material covered in lab will precede or follow the lab topics. Films and other audio-visual materials may be used. Required textbook : On-line  text-book  http://www.collin.edu/biology Required or Recommended Readings: Additional Information on science labs is http://iws.collin.edu/biopage/biopage.html Supplies : Loose-leaf notebook if needed Labcoat or apron and latex gloves, if desired, Measurable student learning outcomes : Upon completion of this lab course students will be able to do the following: 1. Describe the metabolic processes that occur within the cells 2. Compare eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell structure 3. Describe the process of cell replication 4. Explain how diversity is genetically based 5. Discuss natural selection. 6. Demonstrate the collection, analysis, and reporting of data using the scientific method
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Course requirements : This laboratory will have two comprehensive practical examinations, along with quizzes, lab reports KEEP COPIES OF ALL WORK TURNED IN Reports: Scientific assignment (20pts)and lab homework(80pts) Attendance mandatory to turn in lab report and home work Scientific assignment on Unit -7 . The assignment will have to be typed.Grade for this will not be dropped/ Font is Times New Roman and double spaced. Refer to to
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Murali-Biol1406-C4L - BIOLOGY 1406 Instructor...

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