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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to COSU 0300 Introduction to COSU 0300 Professor Sandra Murray Day 1 Welcome! Sign in & Fill out Student Information Profile Take Pre­Test (Fill in seating chart during test to learn student names) Discuss syllabus, Covenant/Check list, Extra credit/Seminars Sign covenant and Syllabus checklist for Daily participation points Notebook Set up / View Web page Home work Day 1 Day 2 Professor Introduction Student Introductions: Get into groups of 4 to introduce each other (Name, born, major, job, travels, last book read or currently reading, favorite movie or TV series, hobbies….etc.) Chili Cook Off – Ice Breaker See next slide…Dear Abby activity View Web page…Homework Day 1 “Everyone of us is equally deserving of love, attention, and respect. Each one of us needs a cause and a purpose that is bigger than ourselves to which we can dedicate our lives.” Pope John Paul II “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt Role As Instructor Role As Instructor Facilitate: Learning & Class Activities Teaching of Course Objectives / Text Evaluation of Learning A Positive Learning Environment (Not Role as Instructor: To Manage Student Behavior) Role as Student Role as Student Attend Class Be prepared Treat Instructor & Class Members with RESPECT Participate / Positive Attitude Bring to class your Mind, Body, & Spirit Dear Abby, Dear Abby, My greatest challenges as a student are… (Write a brief anonymous letter describing your biggest challenges as a college student. We will use these later in the semester, as case studies, to give advise to our fellow students based on new strategies learned in COSU) Yours Truly, “Lost in time” “Messy Marvin” Homework Ch1 Homework Ch1 Revisit web page ...
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