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Unformatted text preview: ekly schedule shows: • specific blocks of time for studying, work, leisure activities with family or friends, and personal goals. • a balance and effective use of time. • a routine or rhythm for the week. • strong, consistent patterns that are easy to remember and to follow. 13 13 A Daily Schedule : Use a planner A daily schedule is a “To-Do List” for the day. 14 14 Study Time: How Much? Two or three hours a week out of Two out class for every hour you spend in in class 2:1 Ratio 2:1 Example: 12 hours in class each week, may Example: require another 24-36 hours for study time— require reading, writing, researching, meeting with study reading, groups, completing assignments, and preparing for tests—outside of class. for If you are taking a full load of classes, If full then your homework and class time could very well add up to a 40 hour 40 workweek. workweek. 15 15 Five Steps to Create a Five Weekly Schedule Weekly 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Write your fixed activities. Write your fixed study times. Add several flexible study blocks. Add time for personal g...
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