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Add time for personal goals and responsibilities

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Unformatted text preview: oals and responsibilities. Schedule leisure, family, and social time. 16 16 Six Essential Strategies for Six Scheduling Fixed Study Blocks Scheduling Use the 2:1 ratio for fixed study blocks. Label each study block with the name of Label the subject. the Plan to use the entire study block for one Plan subject. subject. Use spaced practice (distributed practice) Use to make multiple contacts with information over several days or weeks. over Avoid marathon studying (massed Avoid practice). practice). Schedule at least one study block every Schedule day of the week. day 17 17 Six More Essential Strategies Six for Scheduling Fixed Study Blocks Scheduling Study during your most alert times of the Study day. day. Schedule a math study block every day. Schedule your hardest or least-liked Schedule subjects early in the day. subjects Schedule a study block right before a class Schedule that involves a discussion or student participation. participation. Schedule a study block right after a lecture Schedule class. class. Use the 3:1 ratio for independent o...
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