Monitoryourprogress keepyourgoalsintheforefront 31

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Unformatted text preview: List all of your goals. – Assign a priority letter A, B, or C. – Postpone starting on the C goals. Use self­management skills to manage and monitor your goals. – – – – – Break larger goals into small goals. Evaluate the importance of a goal. Analyze your goal­setting strategies. Monitor your progress. Keep your goals in the forefront. 31 Obstacles and perseverance Obstacles Obstacle: Progress toward goal is thwarted Achievement Obstacle Starting point: Moving toward goal Renewed forward focus toward goal Think of real person /character / heroine in a great novel or movie….discuss in groups Renewed forward focus toward goal 32 Common obstacles to Common achieving goals Not expecting mistakes Not expecting mistakes (allow extra time in schedule) Blaming obstacles for your lack of abilities (Quit vs. Adapt to new situation ­ External Locus of Control) Not changing your environment (Change seat, change place study, learn to say no) 33 Set Goals for Set Term-Long Projects Term-Long Break the assignment into specific tasks. Estimate the time needed for each task. Double the estimated time for each task. Record the due dates on your term calendar for each task. Begin immediately. Homework #3 For Group project & Individual project 34 Discussion Questions What is the relationship between time management and goal setting? What are common characteristics of people who are effective time managers and effective goal setters? What time management techniques helped you improve your academic performance? What goal­setting techniques helped you improve your academic performance? Why do you think time management and goal­setting are categorized as self­ management skills? 35 Discussion: Chapter 4 Discussion: Terminology Terminology Pie of life Increase­Decrease Method Fixed study blocks Flex study blocks 2:1 ratio Spaced practice Marathon studying Trading time Goals Four steps for writing goals Extrinsic reward Intrinsic reward Goal organizer ABC Method 36...
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