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Unformatted text preview: of intermediary goals 26 Four Steps for Writing Goals STSR 27 Create a Plan of Action-STSR Discussion Points: Setting goals helps you clarify what you wish to achieve. Setting specific target dates and times increases your awareness of time and activates your time management skills. Identifying individual steps motivates you to identify and organize the tasks involved. Planning an intrinsic or extrinsic reward builds motivation for you to complete your plan of action. 28 Other Types of Goal-Setting Other Strategies Strategies Create a task schedule for a specific block of time. 29 Goal-Setting Strategies Create a goal organizer for a specific goal. 1. 2. What is your goal? What benefit will you gain by achieving this goal? 3. What consequences will you experience by not achieving this goal? 4. What obstacles might you encounter while working on this goal? 5. How can you deal with the obstacles effectively if they occur? 6. What people or resources could help you with achieving this goal? 30 Goal-Setting Strategies Use the ABC method to prioritize your goals. –...
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