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Family what can you do if you what have too little

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Unformatted text preview: e too little time for work? work? 9 Weekly Schedule Part I Use weekly schedule provided Use Label and color code your current weekly schedule: current White sleep, get ready, commuting sleep, Orange Time in class Label: HIST, Math Purple Work schedule: If you have a job Blue Study blocks: label classes Green Personal Time: Friends, work out, church, family, errands, chores, meals,… church, 10 10 Three Kinds of Schedules Kinds of Kinds Schedules Schedules Purpose Term Schedule Keep track of Keep important events and deadlines for the term. term. Weekly Weekly Schedule Schedule Create a detailed plan Create to show daily routines and require-ments for the seven days each week. week. Daily Schedule A list of tasks to list achieve throughout the course of a day. the 11 11 A Term Schedule •Special projects, reports, lab assignments •Scheduled tests, midterms, and final exams •Special events, meetings, workshops, conferences •Holidays •Scheduled times for tutors, study groups, or support services •Personal appointments on or off campus Provides you with an overview of important due dates Provides and special events in the entire term. 12 and 12 A Weekly Schedule A we...
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