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Unformatted text preview: You Have a Lot to Do! Finding personal free time Finding time to do activities with Finding friends friends Finding recreation time Finding quality family time Finding the time to study Juggling work hours, school hours, Juggling and study hours and Getting enough quality sleep Juggling family responsibilities with Juggling school expectations school 5 168 The number of hours in The one week. one 6 The Pie of Life 7 The Increase - Decrease Method The Increase-Decrease Method The involves increasing or decreasing time used in one area of life to make more time for another area of life. more After identifying how much time you After spend in each area of your pie of life, iidentify which areas need more life dentify time to create a better balance in your life. your To increase one area in your pie of To life, you need to decrease one or life you both of the remaining areas in your pie of life. pie 8 Discussion Points: What can you do if you What have too little time for school and studying? school What can you do if you What have too little time for family or friends? family What can you do if you What hav...
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