Dimensions of Wellness

Dimensions of Wellness - attitude about one’s work and...

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Dimensions of Wellness Wellness is a term that has been used to describe the life-long pursuit of optimal well-being and health. Wellness incorporates individual decisions that promotes a a lifestyle that emphasizes positive health behaviors and preventive disease practices. Wellness is composed of seven interrelated dimensions. Emotional Wellness – The ability to cope effectively with daily circumstances and to deal with emotions in a positive and enthusiastic manner. Emotional wellness includes an awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings. Intellectual Wellness – The ability to think clearly and critically, to expand on creative ideas and to use one’s resources to expand one’s knowledge and to seek new ideas and experiences. Occupational Wellness – The involvement in preparing for work, having a positive
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Unformatted text preview: attitude about one’s work, and finding enrichment and personal satisfaction in life’s work. Spiritual Wellness – The ability to enjoy a belief in a deeper meaning of life and to appreciate the value and purpose in human existence. Physical Wellness – The ability to function effectively, to maintain a good level of physical fitness through regular physical activity, to include healthful nutritional habits and appropriate medical self-care, and to avoid destructive physical behaviors. Social Wellness – Positive interaction with others including family, community, society, and the world. It emphasizes the interdependence of both the human and physical environment. Environmental Wellness - The capacity to live in a clean and safe environment and to protect ourselves against environmental hazards....
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