P01 Jogging Techniques

P01 Jogging Techniques - F OOT P LANT Contact Phase...

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DEVELOPING YOUR STYLE JOGGING TECHNIQUES B ODY P OSITION Erect position centering most of the body weight over the hips To “run tall”, pull the shoulders back and tuck the pelvis in Do not look at your feet, but keep the head level by looking as far ahead as possible Face, neck, and shoulder muscles should be relaxed A RM A CTION Arm movement influences body movement Arms move rhythmically with the legs As pace is increased, the hands will rise higher at the beginning of each swing Relax hands – no clinched fists Carry arms low in a position to fight tension – neither rigid, not completely relaxed Elbows and hand should be approximately parallel to the ground, swinging no more than a foot and slightly in front of the body as the leg on the opposite side moves back Arms lose much of their balancing and driving function when allowed to come across in the body S TRIDE AND
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Unformatted text preview: F OOT P LANT Contact Phase (Footplant Phase) Initiate movement with a push off with ball of foot and toes of one foot Toes point straight ahead Swing Phase After push off is made, the leg swings forward as flexion is initiated at the hip joint, then the knee and the ankle lift the foot to clear the ground As the foot again contacts the ground, the weight is transferred from the heel along the outer edge of the foot to the ball and to the toes as the next push off begins Do not run on toes run with a heel contacting first Stride Footfall and stride length relate to speed and distance, and must change as pace increases or decreases The slower the pace, the shorter the stride The point of contact should be directly under the knee Breathing Breathe rhythmically and naturally Set some kind of breath/stride pattern...
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P01 Jogging Techniques - F OOT P LANT Contact Phase...

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