Brain Food - in association with John...

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon in association with John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Health y Monday W e a l l know that the foods we eat affect our bodies . But they may have an even greater impact o n ou r brains . The way w e feel and how well we concentrate i s a l l influenced by what we eat . The brain works all day and all night so it needs the right nutr i ents to keep us go i ng . The right food can help us concentrate , stay mot i vated, i mpro v e our memory, and even prevent our bra i ns from gett i ng older . One of the most important ways to feed y our bra i n is to get the right kinds of fats , in the right amount. Yes, that ' s right. Fats. Chemicals called fatty acids are actually brain food. The healthiest type of fat i s what's called omega-3 fatty acid . Basically , this makes your brain work at its peak. One of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acid is fish . Don ' t worry if fish isn't your favorite food , though . The r e are plenty of other " brain foods . "
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Brain Food - in association with John...

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