Clever Hans - Clever Hans, the "Psychic" Horse by...

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Clever Hans, the "Psychic" Horse by D. Trull Enigma Editor Who is the smartest horse of all time? Mr. Ed? Trigger? Silver? Secretariat? No offense to these formidable equine I.Q.'s, but the clear winner, hooves down, would have to be Clever Hans. Never heard of him? That's a shame, because this horse was so amazingly brilliant, he was able to convince teams of scientists that he was psychic. Clever Hans lived in Germany back in the early 1900s. His owner, Wilhelm von Osten, claimed that his horse was smart enough to answer a wide variety of questions, such as solving math problems, telling time, and giving the names of people he knew. Clever Hans communicated by encoding the alphabet into hoof-taps: one tap meant "A," two taps meant "B," and so forth. Prominent German scientists tested Clever Hans until most were convinced that the horse's highly accurate responses were not the result of trickery. The horse performed "almost as well" when von Osten was absent as when the master was present.
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Clever Hans - Clever Hans, the "Psychic" Horse by...

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