2314 Semester Project.MC (1)

2314 Semester Project.MC (1) - Lifespan Development...

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Lifespan Development Semester Project: (MASTER COPY) You are divided into groups with your classmates and are part of a research team. Each team will decide on an issue to present as a group from a list provided below. Your job will be to improve a current institution using the methods and theories learned in this course. As a group you will need to create a presentation to class pretending that the students are set to decide if your program will receive the correct funding or not. Present your plan and argument for it in an informed and well thought-out manner. You will be graded as a group and thus it is imperative that you all work well together. If a particular student is not performing at the level expected of the group please take the time to tell the student. If the student does not increase their participation after the group has discussed this issue with them then and only at that time is the group allowed to come to me to discuss this issue. Every single student in this class is an adult and expected to behave in a professional
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2314 Semester Project.MC (1) - Lifespan Development...

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