MATH 1314 Exam 1 Review

MATH 1314 Exam 1 Review - function 14, 15 2.5 Perform...

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MATH 1314 EXAMINATION 1 REVIEW SECTION KNOW HOW TO MYMATHLAB PROBLEMS 2.1 Evaluate a function at a given value of x from an equation 1 – 4 Evaluate a function at a given value of x from a graph 5, 6 Find Domain, Range, and x & y intercepts from a graph 7 – 10 2.2 Find Intervals of the Domain where a function is increasing, decreasing or constant from a graph Find the local Maximum & Minimum of a graph from a function Determine if a function is Even, Odd or Neither from its equation 5 – 7 Graph a piecewise function 9 – 13 Determine a Difference Quotient for a given
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Unformatted text preview: function 14, 15 2.5 Perform Transformations and Reflections of the graph of a standard function: f(x)+c; f(x+c), f(x), f( x), c*f(x) 1 15 (& Part II of Lab 2) 2.6 Find the Domain of a function using Interval Notation 1 8 Find Composites of two functions 9 15 2.7 Verify that two functions are or are not inverses of each other 1 4 Find the inverse of a function 5 9 From a graph of function, determine if it has an inverse function 10 14 Determine if the graphs of two equations are inverses of each other 10 14...
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