MATH 1314 LAB 5 F11

MATH 1314 LAB 5 F11 - [i.e. g(x)>H.A. or...

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MATH1314 LAB 5 NAME: ________________ Collin County College Fall 2011 Instructor: Daryl Rupp DUE 10/10/11 1. For the function 2 2 2 ( ) 16 x g x x = - a. Determine if the function is symmetric about the y-axis (even), origin (odd) or not symmetric (neither). b. Find the y-intercept. c. Find the x-intercept(s) if any. d. Find the domain. State the answer in set notation. e. Find the vertical asymptotes, if any. f. Find the horizontal asymptotes, if any. g. Break the domain into interval(s) using the critical points (x-intercepts and vertical asymptotes). h. Calculate g(x) for a test point in each interval, to see if that point lays above or below the x-axis [i.e. g(x)>0 or g(x)<0] and if it is above or below the horizontal asymptote
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Unformatted text preview: [i.e. g(x)&amp;gt;H.A. or g(x)&amp;lt;H.A.]. i. Fill in the following table using the information from g. &amp;amp; h. INTERVAL TEST POINT g(x) g(x) &amp;gt;0 or &amp;lt;0 g(x) &amp;gt;H.A. or &amp;lt;H.A. j. Use the information from a. through i. to sketch the rational function. 2. Find the zeros and vertical asymptotes. Identify the boundary points by labeling them on a number line, determine the intervals and then test the intervals. Express the solution in interval notation. A. + &amp;lt; 2 2 3 x x INTERVAL TEST POINT CALCULATION RESULT &amp;gt;0 or &amp;lt;0 TRUE/FALSE B. 2 20 10 x x x- - + INTERVAL TEST POINT CALCULATION RESULT &amp;gt;0 or &amp;lt;0 TRUE/FALSE...
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MATH 1314 LAB 5 F11 - [i.e. g(x)&amp;amp;amp;gt;H.A. or...

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