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MATH 1314 LAB 7 F11

MATH 1314 LAB 7 F11 - a Find the amount after 3 years b How...

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MATH1314 LAB 7 NAME: ________________ Collin County College Fall 2011 Instructor: Daryl Rupp DUE 10/31/11 Exponential Growth 1. The population of Collin County, which follows the exponential growth model, increased from 264,036 in 1990 to 491,675 in 2000. a. Find the exponential growth rate, k. (Round answer to four decimal places.) b. Write the exponential growth function. c. What should the population be in 2012? d. When should the population be 630,735? e. How long will it take the population to double? Compound Interest 2. Given an initial investment of $5000 at 8% compounded continuously,
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Unformatted text preview: a. Find the amount after 3 years. b. How many years would it take for the investment to grow to $7,000? c. How long would it take for the investment to double? Logistic Growth 3. On a college campus of 13,000 students, one student returned from spring break with a contagious virus. The spread of the virus is modeled by 0.8t 13000 y 1 12999e-= + where y is the total number of students infected after t days. a. How many students are infected after 7 days? b. How many students are infected after 23 days? c. How long will it be until 1500 students are infected?...
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