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MATH1314 LAB 8 NAME: ________________ Collin County College Fall 2011 Instructor: Daryl Rupp DUE 11/21/11 USE A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER Applications of Matrices Solving a System of Linear Equations Using Gauss-Jordan Elimination 1. The Collin Freight Company has an order for three products to be delivered to a destination. Product I requires 10 cubic feet, weighs 10 pounds, and has a value of $100. Product II requires 8 cubic feet, weighs 20 pounds, and has a value of $20. Product III requires 20 cubic feet, weighs 40 pounds, and has a value of $200. If the carrier can carry 6,000 cubic feet, 11,000 pounds, and is insured for $36,900, how
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Unformatted text preview: many of each product can be carried? a. Identify the variables of the problem using x, y and z. b. Fill out the following table from the information given: x y z total Volume (cu. ft.) Weight (lb.) Value ($) c. Write the augmented matrix for the system of equations. d. What are the first SIX operations to be preformed to solve using the Gauss-Jordan method. In other words to get diagonal elements to be 1s and the elements below the diagonal to be 0s. e. Use your calculator to find the solution to the problem. f. In at least one complete sentence, answer the question: How many of each product can be carried?...
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