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MATH 1314 S71 MML Student Information F11

MATH 1314 S71 MML Student Information F11 - Follow the...

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Student Information for MyMathLab – MATH1314-S71-F11 You will need Course ID ( rupp42398 ), a valid e-mail address and either an Access Code or valid Credit Card. To see helpful videos go to www.coursecompass.com and look in the lower left part of the home screen for one of the following: “How to Register” “How to Buy Access” “Getting Started” To Register: Go to www.coursecompass.com Choose register under the student section This screen reminds you of what you need to use MyMathLab Click: Next Enter your Course ID rupp42398. (It will be the instructor’s last name along with a 5 digit number) You will need to select your enrollment option (Access Code or Buying Access)
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Unformatted text preview: Follow the instructions as they appear You will need to create a Login Name and Password Make sure it is a name you will remember since you will use this name each time you log in. Write it down so that you will always have it available. Next you will enter your personal information. Be sure to enter your e-mail address correctly. If you forget the login or password, they will be e-mailed to you at that address. School Location: Use school Zip code: 75074 . Pick a security question you want to answer and type in your answer. Wait until you receive a Confirmation and Summary Congratulations: You are now ready to login and begin work!...
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