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MATH 1342 Lab 8 F11

MATH 1342 Lab 8 F11 - MATH1342 Collin County College...

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MATH1342 PROJECT (LAB) 8 – CH 10 NAME: ________________ Collin County College Fall 2011 Instructor: Daryl Rupp DUE DATE: 11/3/2011 Part I. Recall that 9 of the 26 statistics students from the sample of First period classes received grades of B. Test the claim to a significance of 0.10 that the proportion of all First period statistics students receiving B’s is equal to 0.25. Round all answers to 3 decimal places. (Assume the normal approximation of a binomial (despite the fact that n*p*q <10). 0. What is x, n, µ p and 0 p ? 1. Claim: 2. Alternate hypothesis: 3. Null hypothesis: 4. Is this a right, left or two sided test? 5. Critical Value(s): 6. Test Statistic: Write the formula for the test statistic with the proper values for this problem and calculate the Test Statistic: 7. Test Statistic & P-value: Write the keystrokes for finding the Test Statistic and P-value and verify the value of the Test Statistic from (6): 8. P-value: 9. Compare the P-value to the Significance Level: 10. Is the Test Statistic in the Critical Region: 11. Conclusion about NULL Hypothesis: 12. Conclusion about the proportion of the population receiving A being equal to 0.25:
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Part II.
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