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English 1301.S41 and S42: Essay 2, Informative Essay For this essay you will observe a space/place or several places/spaces that you have never been to before. There are several ways to go about writing this essay. You may choose to present a place as an example of some idea or situation (illustration) ; you may decide to categorize several places/spaces in some manner (classification) ; you may choose to compare two places to each other (comparison); or you may choose to examine what may have caused this place to look/be the way it is and/or what effects such a place might have on those who encounter it (cause and effect) . It is also possible that you will combine two or more of these techniques. You will find it useful to use description in your essay. The underlying purpose of your essay is to inform your audience about the environment you are analyzing. For the purposes of this essay, you should have a clear , explicit thesis at the beginning of the essay that announces whatever main ideas you
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