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Kevin Hopkins Bus 102 B Ms. Hampel Email Assignment Final Draft From: Francis, Fletch Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2009 8:56 A.M. To: Goodwin, Jack, Dr. Subject: Ohio Valley Winery Recruiting Hi Dr. Goodwin, I am gearing up for another successful recruiting season at my beloved alma mater. If it is possible would you be able to circulate my information with the other professors? I will be visiting the morning of Thursday, September 24 th . Many of the best candidates we’ve found in recent years are from my visits to Miami of Ohio. Thursday September 24 th is the day after the career fair so it would be an excellent way for me to generate additional candidates for our interview schedule.
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Unformatted text preview: If time is limited, perhaps I could plug the winery and our career opportunities. I can do whatever works for your team. My schedule is relatively flexible that week. Please have anyone contact me who is interested and I can do my best to be available. Senior level classes work the best. However, I love to get in front of the lower level classes as well. My interest in Ohio Valley Winery was sparked by a similar visit during my freshman year. Thanks for the help. I greatly appreciate it. Francis Fletch Account manager, Ohio Valley Winery...
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