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Writers Memos final - Writers Memo Ever since I was little...

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Writers Memo Ever since I was little kid the show COPS sparked my interest towards the criminal justice field. Criminal justice runs through the Hopkins family. My grandfather was Chief of Police, my uncle is a sergeant, and my other uncle is a patrolmen. Since criminology is my minor I wanted to do something related to that so I thought a ride along would be perfect. For me the challenging part was trying not to jump around. My main concern was staying on course and describing the inside of the police car with thick description. Also, I did not really know what type of questions to ask Patrolmen Rakev. So the interview was a little challenging but after I relaxed it was really easy to talk to him and ask questions. It was fun to be with a police officer for the afternoon. Being able to see the campus from a different view was really cool. I have been on ride along before but this was different because Patrolmen Rakev showed me every little detail of the car. Since I have somewhat of a police background it was easy to communicate with him on the police discussions. As a result of this it was pretty rewarding because now I have a friend who is a police officer, which is not bad at all. If I had more time I would of gone on another ride along. This time though I would have gone on a Friday or Saturday night. So then I would be able to see the difference from a Sunday afternoon to a weekend night on a college campus. I would then have a lot more stories to tell. From writing this paper I learned it is a lot easier to write about something you are interested in. The paper kind of flew by with out even noticing it. I did take my peers
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suggestions. He had a different view on a few subjects so it was nice to see what someone else thought of the paper. In my paper I was trying to give thick description of the police car. I wanted to describe the equipment on the police officer and inside the car. Writers Memo The analysis was similar to that of the ethnography. Both of the papers had us looking at small details. Ethnography was more of thick description while for rhetoric was more not as much. Rhetoric was analyzing a lot more. We had specific things we were looking for: ethos, pathos, logos…etc. If I were to say something was easy in my paper I would say the content. The BP oil spill is pretty well known around the world because of the impact it had. It was fun watching the commercial over and over again because every time I spotted something different. I would say towards the beginning of the paper the difficulty was due to the fact that I did not understand the complete concept of all the rhetorical terms. The terms were confusing but after seeing them used in multiple examples it helped a lot. I chose this particular commercial because I thought it would have a lot of
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Writers Memos final - Writers Memo Ever since I was little...

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