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IE521 Advanced Optimization AMPL Exercises 1 Fall 2011 1. A group of young entrepreneurs earns a (temporarily) steady living by acquiring inad- equately supervised items from electronics stores and re-selling them. Each item has a street value, a weight, and a volume; there are limits on the numbers of available items, and on the total weight and volume that can be managed at one time. Product Value Weight Volume Available TV 50 35 8 20 radio 15 5 1 50 camera 85 4 2 20 CD player 40 3 1 30 VCR 50 15 5 30 camcorder 120 20 4 15 (a) Formulate an AMPL model that will help to determine how much of each item to pick up, to maximize one days profit.(Write the model file) (b) Find a solution for the case given by the following table (write the data file using the information and solve): 2. Bethlehem Hospital serves cases from four diagnostic-related groups (DRGs). The table
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Unformatted text preview: below shows the profit contribution, the diagnostic service use (in hours), bed-day use (in days), nursing care use (in hours), and drug use (in dollars). For example DRG DRG Profit Diagnostic Service Bed-Day Nursing Use Drugs 1 2000 7 5 30 800 2 1500 4 2 10 500 3 500 2 1 5 150 4 300 1 1 50 group 1 brings $2000 profit and requires 7 hours diagnostic service, 5 bed days, 30 hours nursing and $800 value drug. The hospital has available each week 570 hours of diagnostic service, 1,000 bed-days, 50,000 nursing hours, $50,000 worth of drugs. To meet the communities minimum health care demands at least 10 DRG1, 15 DRG2, 40 DRG3, 160 DRG4 cases must be handles each week. Write the LP model to find the number of DRGs from each group to maximize total profit. 1...
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