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Assignment – “Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company”{ WITH NEW ORIGINAL WORK- BUS520) -Read the case and write a 4-5 page report that answers the following: 1.Discuss the role of leadership and how it can impact organizational performance. 2.Discuss Mulally’s leadership style at Ford Motor Company and provide examples of how his actions fit this style. 3.Discuss how goal setting helped Ford improve its performance. 4.Assess Mulally on each element in communication
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Unformatted text preview: openness including message transmission, trust, agendas and goals. 5.Evaluate the effectiveness of Mulally’s leadership style and recommend whether he should continue with this style, or use a different style. -o Type the answers to the questions in narrative form; not question and answer. -o Will be graded on the quality of your answers, the logic/organization of the report, your language skills, and your writing skills....
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