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L9-page3 - medium is inhomogeneous Result is then referred...

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3 Current density and equipotential lines for a current dipole fraction total current i f = 2 π tan 1 2 z d d z = d 2 i f =0.5 at i f =0.7 at z = d Wider spacing Deeper currents Apparent Resistivity Previous expression can be rearranged in terms of resistivity: ρ=(∆ V/I) (2 π /G). This can be done even when
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Unformatted text preview: medium is inhomogeneous. Result is then referred to as Apparent Resistivity. Definition:Resistivity of a fictitious homogenous subsurface that would yield the same voltages as the earth over which measurements were actually made. ρ 2 ρ 1...
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